Avengers Two #1-3 (2000)

What’s your favorite Marvel bromance? Is it Human Torch/Spider-Man or Beast/Wonder Man?

Doesn’t matter. Either way, this is a really fun comic.

It takes place at a time when Vision isn’t stepping up to the woman he loves, so Wonder Man is doing it with Wanda.

But instead of being happy that he has the hottest chick on the planet, he quits The Avengers and goes back to Hollywood to pursue his dream.

Too many ghosts back at Avengers Mansion.

Not only that, he brings Beast along.

The story has Wonder Man trying to redeem himself by taking out a local drug lord: Lady Lotus. From his own past, Black Talon is involved. And also Mephisto.

And there’s a little sidebar against It! The Living Colossus, on a movie set.

The heroes win in the end.

As a result of his heroics, Simon’s career gets back on track.

And of course, we end back with the bromantics…

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