DAREDEVIL #338-342 (1995)

Daredevil has (yet another) new identity: Jack Batin. (Get it–it’s like Battlin’ Jack Murdock, his dad.). This arc introduces artist Alexander Jubran and #337 has a cover by the great Bill Sienkiewicz. DG Chichester is the actual authori, but the credit is given to Alex Smithee.

So, yeah, he didn’t want to own it.

A big strong guy named Kruell attacks Ben Urich. Want to know why? Because he knows someone hurt him a long time ago, but the trauma caused amnesia and he can’t remember who did it. He knows that Ben Urich knows who did it, so Kruell thinks that attacking Urich will trigger his memories.


Kruell also attacks–and kills–Glory O’Breen, a side character from Dave Mazzuchelli’s run on Daredevil.

In the end, we learn Kruell’s attacker was Kingpin, and in the end Kingpin kills Kruell.

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