UNCANNY X-MEN #193 (1985): 1st Firestar, James Proudstar

A double-size issue (“Gala 100th anniversary” of the new X-Men) brings us the return of the X-Men’s first Native America hero. Actually, it’s his brother.


He introduces himself with a crotch shot–and joins and then quits the Hellions.

James Proudstar is hunting Professor X to kill him for bringing his brother into the new X-Men, where he died on his very first mission, but in the end he can’t go through with killing Xavier. 

As for Xavier, last issue he was beaten by muggers and then dragged away by a mysterious figure.

It was a Moorlock. They saved Professor X after he was mugged on the street, and Callisto dresses him up in leathers and ties him to a bed.

Kinky. But she doesn’t keep him as a sex slave.

A check in with Storm, who is returning to her roots in Africa. She was depowered by ROM’s neutralizer, so she’s looking for a new meaning in her life.

She sees a vision of her dead mother.

Proudstar continues his hunt, alongside the Hellions.

Proudstar versus Wolverine.

He relents.

Wolverine really gets the best scenes in this issue.

And other great combat, as the rest of the team face their own fights.

From the TV show Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, we get a new character joining Marvel canon…


I also really liked these panels:

The ending cliffhanger says Nimrod will be on his way to kill the team in the next issue. He’s possessed a kid’s dad to use the guys desktop computer and teach the kid the importance of chores.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: He may have been a wordy writer, but Chris Claremont fit a ton of stuff into every issue.  You always got your money’s worth.

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