UNCANNY X-MEN #193 (1985): 1st Firestar

A double-size issue (“Gala 100th anniversary” of the new X-Men) The X-Men’s first Native America hero (actually, it’s his brother) appears–with a crotch shot–and quits the Hellions by the end.


James Proudstar is hunting Professor X to kill him for bringing his brother into the new X-Men, where he died on his very first mission, but in the end he can’t go through with killing Xavier.  Along the way: A good Wolverine fight.

And other great combat…

From the TV show Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, we get a new character joining Marvel canon…


Plus, Callisto saves Professor X after he was mugged on the street, and dresses him up in leathers and ties him to a bed.

The ending cliffhanger says Nimrod will be on his way to kill the team in the next issue.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: He may have been a wordy writer, but Chris Claremont fit a ton of stuff into every issue.  You always got your money’s worth.

I also really liked these panels:

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