FANTASTIC FOUR #147-149 (1974): Fighting Over Sue


Yeah.  Sue files papers.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s doing Namor.


Which makes Namor go to war with the FF.


Not that Namor ever needed an excuse to pitch a violent fit.

And he brings in Giganto. That’s always fun. He’s also better at fighting than Human Torch.

Along the way, Thundra decides to team up with the FF. Apparently, she liked her organized sparring match with Grimm so much, she’s decided she’s the only person who is allowed to hit him. Seriously. That’s the premise.

Also, the Frightful Four briefly try (and fail) to take Medusa back. They weren’t expecting Thundra, who saves the day.


And there’s a happy ending, as the original four are the FF gain.

1 thought on “FANTASTIC FOUR #147-149 (1974): Fighting Over Sue”

  1. This is one of my all-time favorite FF epics. It’s got it all- terrific Rich Buckler artwork- Buckler always seemed to me that he couldn’t decide if wanted to be Jack Kirby or John Buscema, so he settled for a synthesis of both- Gerry Conway, the Shakespeare of comics, at the top of his form here- Thundra, who has apparently decided that she has copped a crush on the Thing, which is why she keeps beating him up- the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner, both wearing the optimum versions of their respective costumes, and a staged, full-scale attack on Humanity by Namor in an elaborate charade to repair the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic, since this is pre-Claremont Marvel, where women tend to be most unliberated-especially women characters in the Avengers, the X-Men, and, most of all, the Fantastic Four. I must say, Namor’s attitude throughout this affair, which was formally known as “Project:Revival”, was quite chivalrous, considering his own not-inconsiderable feelings towards the very-married Susan Richards. As it turned out, “Project: Revival” was a co-production of the Inhumans and the Sub-Mariner, a very successful co-production considering how important it was to the world to keep Mr. Fantastic happy, considering how important to the world Mr. Fantastic is!! I’d say Tony Stark and Charles Xavier belong in this category, as well. Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, and Prince Namor- the Illuminati! Coincidence?? I would say not!! Word!!


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