GREEN GOBLIN #6 (1996)

I truly don’t understand how this is a Tom DeFalco joint. It’s being done very well and it’s not over the top or pointless.

The development of this comic has been perfect. Issue One: Origin. Issue Two: Some guest stars and a “first adventure.” Issue Three: Tie into a big event. Issues four and five: The first two-parter.

And now that we know who Green Goblin is and what he’s about, a fairly big name guest.

Based on his connections to Ben Urich–Green Goblin’s uncle–Daredevil teams up with the new hero to track down a killer that Ben identified through his own intrepid reporting.

Meanwhile, Liz Osborn is trying to find out who the new Green Goblin is–since he stole her late husband, Harry’s, gear.

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