Nomad #1-4 (1990-1991): 1st Julia Winter

From the get-go, it’s clear that this is a Jack-Munroe-wants-to-be-Punisher version of Nomad.  It’s gory and extremely violent.  But where Punisher kills a pusher and then moves on to the next one, Nomad is woven tightly into the Marvel Universe, so the drug dealers have to be tied to something bigger.  And the U.S. government has to hunt Nomad down through Henry Gyrich and Valerie Cooper.  But there’s really nothing new here—it’s mindless, and not very good.

And he looks ridiculous.

We also get a baby, who will later be named Julia Winter and, even later, become another version of Bucky. She’s the daughter of criminals and Nomad takes her under his care.

In the end of the first “arc” (I put in quotes because these issues are only very loosely tied together), there’s a big confrontation with Captain America over Nomad’s methods, and Cap beats him up until he agrees not to kill people anymore.

Because of baby Julia, the confrontation looks like this:

Getting a solo series got Nomad a playing card…

Creators: Fabian Nicieza, James Fry
Grade: D

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