Power Pack #22-26 (1986): The kids switch powers

It’s scenes like this that made Power Pack such a wonderful, character-driven book.  A true all-ages family comic.

Alex is interested in a girl named Alison, but so is another schoolmate named Johnny Rival (great name!), so Alex and Johnny Rival go sled racing on suicide hill. There are some hints that Johnny has powers, which I could have done without.

Then, the evil Snark Empire captures good Kymellian Kofi (who is the offspring of the Kymellian that gave Power Pack their powers).  The evil lizard aliens then kidnap Power Pack (without Franklin) with the intent to steal back their powers and give them to their queen’s son.

Franklin tries to tell his parents about what happened, but in his usual, superior, dick-ish self, Reed sends him away.  So Franklin uses Friday, the sentient spaceship that brought the original Kymellian to Earth, to fly off to save Power Pack.

Also worth noting: A random appearance by Cloak and Dagger, who rescue the kids’ dad when he goes out to Central Park to look for them, proving that New York is still a scary place.  It’s interesting that Cloak and Dagger and the Morlocks cross over with Power Pack so frequently.  All these groups represent the younger side of the 1980s Marvel Universe, but both Morlocks and Cloak and Dagger are much grittier subjects than Power Pack.

The power transfer is initially successful, so we see the kids operating as humans, and then their powers get shifted back-but they get each others’ powers instead of the ones they start with.

A very interesting twist: The kids now have to learn their “new” powers and be willing to overcome their sibling rivalry to teach each other how to use them.


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