Power Man & Iron Fist #74-75 (1981)

Back in the 1980s, when a series hit a milestone like issue #75, it was usually double-sized (and double-priced) and something big happened.  In this case, Iron Fist goes back to K’un Lun for the first time since he left. Truth be told, I wish this story were better. It’s fine, for what it is, which is the first time Danny Rand returns to K’un Lun in the history of the Power Man and Iron Fist book, and the first time that his origin is re-told with new details. It’s been many years since his character debuted, so some fine-tuning to his origin is due, but the issue overall feels very talk-y. Maybe it just needed to be more decompressed, even if it was a double-sized issue.

It starts with a Ninja stealing the White Tiger amulets from the Sons of the Tiger and Iron Fist’s friend and sparring partner Bob Diamond, who has one of the paws of the amulet.   is badly injured when his amulet is taken.  Some badass art there—some of Kerry Gammill’s best.


The Ninja is employed by Fist’s old enemy Master Kahn, who uses the amulet to create an interdimensional, living jade tiger, and teleport to K’un Lun.

Danny and Luke follow him right into the portal, of course.

Once there, they become embroiled in a local conflict. 

In the end, when all is resolved, Kahn is still alive and Danny and Luke return to Earth, destroying a crystal that allows people to move from K’un Lun to Earth, so that, in theory, nobody can ever go back there.

Of course, we know that doesn’t stick.

Along the way, we learn more details about Danny’s father’s life at K’un Lun: He was the adopted son of a local king, got married, and had a child—which means Danny has a sister.  Sadly, she was killed by a race of nasty plant-looking mutates who terrorize K’un Lun.  Too bad.  This was a nice way to introduce more of his history, and the sister angle could have been a good ongoing storyline.

Overall, a nice story—a little long, but solid.

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