Marvel Knights #1-6 (2002)

The “Marvel Knights” are now a team: Daredevil, Punisher, Black Widow. 

Two out of three of those characters have very strong solo series coming out at the same time, so the “need” for a second round of Marvel Knights issues is unclear—especially since this story is so dispensable and mediocre.

A European pair of evil billionaire brothers try to spread their criminal empire across the pond to New York.  Why would anyone do that?  If you’re already filthy rich and successful, stay in Europe where your biggest problem is Peregrine!  And even if you feel like you have to come to the U.S., go to Washington DC or Boston or Tampa.  New York has more super heroes than civilians, and it’s loaded with criminal competition as well!

Anyway, the MK trio fight the Brothers Grace and their German (of course) enforcer “Mr. Tune” for all six of these issues.  Big New York city battles that make no sense…

…I mean, how are no other supers getting involved in this???

About halfway through, the Graces realize that Kingpin is going to crush them and that the superheroes are big pains in the ass, so they retreat—only to have the Knights follow them and shut them down.  On a boat.

Why does Daredevil have to peer over the side of the ship to “see” if the coast is clear? Doesn’t he have sonar?

In the end, Punisher kills Mr. Tune.  That’s a good thing because it means we won’t have a follow-up to any of this crap.

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