(The picture above is from the 2007 miniseries by Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple that essentially reimagined Gerber’s Omega series, one of his greatest achievements.)

Steve Gerber wrote some of the wildest, most experimental comics of the 1970s–a time when the American version of the art form was just developing into something more than cheap, child-targeted pulp, and becoming almost exclusively super-hero based (moving over from the horror/war/romance comics of earlier decades).

Today, a tribute this best comics and his wildest creations. Hit next for more.

FANTASTIC FOUR #25-26 (1964 and The Top 10 Hulk vs Thing Fights

hairy guy wrestles rocky

This is an ageold fanboy battle, and the second time it graced the pages of Fantastic Four.  Hulk is tearing NYC apart looking for The Avengers, but they’re out of town.

So Hulk beats up 75% of the Fantastic Four. This is what Johnny looks like injured:

Then Hulk and Thing fight for most of issue #25.

And into #26.

Until The Avengers show up.

And Hulk beats them up, too. Until Ant-Man’s ants defeat him, and he floats away.

This is really the first World War Hulk.

The Hulk vs Thing fights are some of the best and most fun in Marvel history. They even made it to TV.

This guy here has a pretty thorough review of most of the major battles between these two guys.  Fun post to read.  But, according to one of my favorite bloggers, this one: F4 #25-26, is the best Hulk/Thing battle of all time.  But I would have picked the ones you’ll see below here, if you click the “read more” tag.