AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #91-92 (1970-1971)

In the aftermath of Captain Stacy’s death, there’s a kind of convoluted “oh no someone has discovered Spidey is Peter Parker” story that really goes nowhere. Gwen Stacy blames Spider-Man for her father’s death so she mobilizes politicians against him. And Iceman believes the hype.

He’s been out of action with the X-Men since their comic was cancelled. So he’s bored.

I guess there are worse reasons to fight.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92 versus iceman

Iceman hits Spider-Man with snowballs. Makes him look pretty lame.

But after that, of course, they team up and solve a crime.

No questionmark in Spidey’s word bubble? I’ve certainly seen worse typos, but I feel like using that tag, so I’ve tagged this post.

Note: This happened long before they joined up in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. (And yes, I know that TV show was not canon.)

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  1. If a missing question-mark in a word-balloon is the best criticism you can level at this very welcome “X-Men: Hidden Years” issue, then you should have not bothered! There was nothing wrong with this issue, the appearance of the Iceman several months after the final all-new material issue of “X-Men” the previous December was X-tremely welcome, and, frankly, it’s gratifying to see Bobby Drake on a nice date with a nice girl! ( it didn’t look like Zelda! Why wasn’t it Zelda?? He should have married Zelda! She was fun! A helluva lot more fun than that frigid ( npi ) no-action Lorna Dane!!! ) X-celsior!!!


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