Soldier X #9-10 (2003): Rebels, Freaks & Prophets

A new creative team takes over. Karl Bollers will stay as writer until the end of this series (#12), but Arthur Ranson just draws this one story. They try to retain the radical and different feel of the book, which had featured Cable taking on very realistic global terrorism issues that paralleled those facing the real Earth in the real 21st Century. But it turns out that writing a good and realistic superhero book is actually pretty hard, and these guys don’t do a good job.

Here’s the story: A soldier with precog gifts joins a white supremacist group just to get Cable’s attention–since Cable has been publicly involved in fighting terrorism. For some reason that makes very little narrative sense, the soldier believes that Cable will want to team up with him.

He does get Cable’s attention, but instead of admiring him, Cable strips him of his powers and the soldier kills himself.

I’m really not oversimplifying this. It’s that shallow a narrative, and quite a step down from the run that preceded it.

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