X-MEN UNLIMITED #28 (2000)

Two stories, one comic. In story #1, the X-Men go to visit Russia (really, they have time to be tourists?) and work with Darkstar to fight an anti-mutant evil scientist who has Mandroids. At first, they think Darkstar is working with the villain.

I think Gambit has never heard the truism that when you try to help someone who didn’t ask for your help, it’s not helping. It’s interfering. Or, he just doesn’t care.

The story is made better by the inclusion of Mandroids. I love me some Mandroids.

Next, Deadpool gets a story. Deadpool premiered in New Mutants and has “dated” Siryn, but he hasn’t been heavily tied to the X-universe so far–so it’s a bit surprising to find him in X-Men Unlimited. It’s not an important story, it’s just a flashback story involving a girl who he rescued from rapists, but who later killed herself. (It’s pretty dark.)

The girl is named Sandee Wade, and there’s an indication that somehow she and Wade Wilson are related, but it’s never made clear and the thread is never picked up again.

Notably, the DP tale is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Liam Sharp. A very high quality team.

The Deadpool story (and the Mandroids of course!) elevate this issue to a C+.

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