Marvel Premiere #24-25 (1975): Iron Fist

Iron Fist saves Princess Azir of Halwan from a robot assassin named Ballox, who was sent to kill her by Master Kahn. Note: This is the first clear Earth 616 appearance of Kahn, but his debut in Strange Tales #77 has retroactively been made canon.

The princess is trapped where the walls are alive…

That’s actually a pretty creepy panel.

Lots of great fight scenes.

Then, in #25, he fights Angar the Screamer.

Angar creates spells and illusions with his voice, which does allow Byrne to draw some cool stuff.

Finally, something very strange happens here: Danny plays in a softball game against the Marvel bullpen! 

From here, Byrne and Claremont go on to an Iron Fist solo book, and Marvel Premiere moves on to tell other stories about other heroes.

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