WOLVERINE #92-93 (1995)

Although there’s not much story in this issue, there is a lot of action.

Professor X wants to “save” Victor Creed, so he consults with Alpha Flight, who have access to the original Weapon X science.

Also, Wolverine is getting increasingly feral, and his emotions and temper are hot.

In his wild state, Wolverine runs off into the woods, and we see he is being stalked by Noah DuBois and Zoe Culloden, from the evil Landau, Luckman and Lake law firm.

They observe as Wolverine convinces Juggernaut to go back to prison.

*Side note: The above wonderful panel became a cover decades later…

Then, in the background, “steal” Juggernaut away from the scene.

We also get an interlude where the Dark Riders free Cyber from a Scottish prison.

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