This one-shot, which came out for Halloween, is bananas. I don’t particularly care for Carnage, but between Kyle Hotz’s offbeat, “EC Comics” art style and the highly, highly underrated writer David Quinn, this is actually a terrific comic.

Kletus (the host) and Carnage (the symbiote) are being housed at Ravencroft–a facility for the criminally insane run by John Jameson. The facility has been bought up by a private company who has identified it as nonprofitable, and the inmates are being shipped off to other places.

Jameson brings in a famous psychologist to try to get into Carnage’s head, but instead he ends up getting into theirs, and takes them into Carnage World…

…Which is really just his insane, blood-soaked fantasy world.

It’s gruesome.

And in the “real” world of the prison, he escapes and causes carnage there, too.

He’s contained in the end, so this isn’t an issue of consequence–but it’s a fun, insane read.

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