FANTASTIC FOUR #377-379 (1992)

I am completely sick of all these Things.  Seriously.

sharon ms marvel ugly thing

Apparently, I’m not the only one.  Sharon Ventura tries to kill herself when she can’t stop continuing to mutate.

thing commits suicide third rail

Sadly, she fails.

Thing hears that Dr. Doom might have a cure for Sharon, so he flies solo to Latveria and gets captured.

Meanwhile, Franklin Richards is a full-blown teenager now…

In the panel above, he’s talking to the skrull-who-was-Alicia is pregnant and it’s making her ill.

Part of this michegas introduces Huntara, a hunting woman from another dimension who has an on-again/off-again relationship with the FF.   

Kudos to Klaw for (a) being in a trenchcoat disguise and (b) figuring out quickly that Huntara is an interdimensional hunter looking for the Fantastic Four and thus teaming up with her. Except she’s not a villain, as we will learn later.

Peter Parker and Matt Murdock happen to be there, along with some Avengers, Davos the Devastator, and a skrull named Paibock. So we have some guest stars. Big battle.

I hate this run. But it’s technically “important” for starting the tradition of having so many Richardses (Huntara is Tara Richards) from all kinds of timelines.

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