Adam is catatonic.

The time gem gives Gamora a vision of Maxam, a time-traveller who will arrive to fight Magus soon. He’s a lot like Cable: Came from the future to fight the past.

Meanwhile, the team seems to be breaking up after the last infinity event, with lots of literal infighting.

It’s an opportunity to tell stories about them as individuals, which I like. Jim Starlin is a masterful writer, great at merging good characters with action…

Drax goes nuts and fights Hulk.  He’s not nuts actually.  Moondragon is mind-messing him. And he’s remembering his experience as a human, so he’s back on Earth trying to get in touch with his human roots.

It ends with Hulk using his brain over his brawn, which is nice.

Actually, it ends with Drax remembering that he was a sax player as a human. Drax sax.

That cracks me up.

Tom Raney’s art here is weird, but I like it.

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