DEADPOOL #49-51 (2001)

Jimmy Palmiotti takes a co-writer for his second arc, which focuses on Copycat stalking Deadpool. She makes her way into his life by disguising herself as a ridiculously hot nurse and getting Deadpool to ask her on a date (she is every woman on the cover to #49).

But then he never calls her back.

The real story here is in #51:


Yes. A tribute cover.

The kid is orphaned by an assassin, he blames Deadpool, they figure out who really did it, they go after the guy together, they kill the killer. Then, young Christopher goes to Oxford University for his education. But he still blames Deadpool for his dad’s death.

Darick Robertson comes in to help on art.  The pictures get prettier, and the idea of Deadpool Boy is pretty funny.

We also meet two twin sisters who are in High School and are hired killers. They’ll be in the next arc.

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