Moon Knight #9-10 (1981)

Bushman escapes from prison.

He teams up with Midnight Man to try to kill Moon Knight.  Midnight dies in the end. 

And he actually dies.  And that’s just one thing that made this book different from all the others on the stands at the time. 

Another thing: Bill’s art was so damn cool. This is one of my favorite splash pages of all time:

Below, Bill Sienkiewicz does his best Frank Miller.


Actually, he kind of beats Frank at his own “explicit combat” game and makes this brilliant circular layout:

Most excellent.

During the battle, Midnight Man manages to capture Moon Knight and shatter his Koshnu statue.

Bushman then insists that the God had nothing to do with the creation of Moon Knight.

This makes Marc Spector go a little crazy for a bit, talking to the head of the shattered statue.

He rallies when his gal, Marlene, gets a new statue.

Actually, it’s the real one–Marlene had the foresight to create a replica.

From there, it’s time for the rematch against Bushman.

Moon Knight wins.

And finally, Moon Knight takes care of business and returns home…

…And we get another hint that maybe Koshnu does occupy statues around Spector. Again, Doug Moench’s genius is that he never answers the question for us. It’s always ambiguous.

I’ve tagged Koshnu for this post because it appears that he’s actually present in this story.

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