Jungle Action #19-24 (1976): Series Ends

jungle action 19

“Panther devil?”  Decades later, Black Panther would take over Daredevil’s own book when DD went off the rails and became the boss of Shadowland.  Unintentional foreshadowing!

This extended arc had Panther vs. the Ku Klux Klan, which on the cover to issue #19 is called “The Clan.”

The story actually goes into detail about racial profiling by police officers–proving that this issue has been around for over 30 years.

Also in issue #19: Pronunciation guide!

Issue #23 was a reprint.  Issue #22 was a (bad) fill-in by a different team.  Then, in issue #24, Marvel basically forced writer Don McGregor to give Black Panther amnesia and forget all about the KKK, because Marvel wanted to give the character to Jack Kirby as an enticement to get him back from DC.  So Black Panther #1 would debut soon after, with no mention of this Klan story–which doesn’t get resolved until 1979, when Roy Thomas would pick up this story and finish it in the pages of Marvel Premiere.

A completely unjust ending–a disservice to a truly great book.

Here’s the final (weak) panels…

…And from the letter page (love the title, “Jungle Re: Actions”), the final blurb.

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