X-MAN #67-70 (2000)

Here we finally get to the retcon explaining that the Madelyne Pryor X-Man has been sleeping with was created by him. Only that one is gone–the one he is with now is actually from another dimension. And she’s making him do bad stuff like destroying entire cities.


I am. But it’s cool anyway.

I suspected from the start that the Madelyne appearing in this series was some kind of a fake. I still used the “Madelyne Pryor” character tag. I’m still using it now. I know it’s not accurate but…You can have your money back if you don’t like it. At one point in this story, she’s referred to as “Jean” so…Yeah. Just use the Madelyne Pryor tag if you want to find appearances of characters who look like her.

They go to “Madelyne’s” home world, which is kind of a steampunk utopia ruled by Madelyne, where she tells Nate that in all realities he is a force of destruction.

We also meet “Mr. Scratch,” who works for Madelyne Pryor. He’s trying to help her enslave Nate, but at the end of the story, he is killed in an explosion, along with “Madelyne.”

This is about as “Warren Ellis” a concept as possible. It’s “max Ellis.”

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