Web of Spider-Man #34 (1988)

A done-in-one filler story. Spider-Man is extremely culturally insensitive on the splash page—assuming that poor kids are all in gangs and only play football when there’s nobody around to rob.  And that they’re all on crack. Well, at least they’re white poor kids.

Then he beats them at football.

Meanwhile, an alien knocks out the Watcher so he can view his recordings and then go back in time and bet on that very same football game.

Spidey and Watcher uncover the fraud and Watcher literally turns the alien into a Joker playing card in a casino.

Very odd.  I didn’t know Watcher could do that kind of thing.

An old-school story—like one you’d have expected in the early 1960s—and strangely compelling. Maybe this was an old Marvel Team Up inventory script?

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