MARVEL FANFARE #2-3 (1996): Wendigo

Before you get excited about a Hulk, Wendigo, Wolverine reunion, look at the panel, below.

All the art is like that. It’s an early Joe Kelly script, but it’s hard to read because the art is so distractingly awful.

I just use one tag for all iterations of Wendigo, but technically this story is about a new one. A scientist caught in a blizzard in Canada’s Great White North gets hit with the Wendigo curse, and various heroes encounter him in these issues. He ends up in Canadian custody at the end.

I mean, sure there’s more to it than that, but trust me, you don’t need or want to know.

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  1. I hear ya talkin’! This so-called “artwork” blows massive chunks!! One rung up the ladder from Frank Robbins! This is funnybooks, people, and the artwork HAS to be good, otherwise you have no product!! In comics, artwork is even more important than the writing! ( unless it’s a Roger Stern script ) The Wendigo has it’s fans. Why fans want to go ga-ga over a soulless, man-eating monster is too deep for me. All I know is, the Wendigo- regardless of the iteration- has it’s fans. Around ten years ago, I was working a job where we took on a new hire, and after a few days, he starts walking around the place bellowing “WEN-DIG-OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” And I’m like, “You know what a ‘Wendigo’ is-????” and his answer was simply “Of course! Doesn’t everybody???-!!” So, we had a very good and close association for several months, until he got his ass fired for insubordination. I miss that guy. Hard core-Marvelite, like me. But the Wendigo has it’s fans. I think it’s important to note that in the Wendigo’s very first appearance in ‘Incredible Hulk’#162, the Northlands Horror totally kicks the Incredible Hulk’s big green ass! How Hulky managed to avoid becoming it’s dinner on that occasion escapes my recollection. I will have to give it a re-read. But the Wendigo has it’s fans!


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