X-MEN #10-11 (1992)

Another Longshot/Mojoverse adventure. 

This one is really just one issue long–X-Men #10 and 11 are both split with a Maverick solo story.

Mojo. Ugh.

In the main story, the X-members help a clone of Mojo de-throne the real Mojo as king of the Mojoverse, and along the way are forced to fight each other because, you know, it’s Mojoverse. 

In the Maverick story, he shoots a big, evil guy who looks like Colossus.

Maverick is basically Cable and Punisher but with slightly better one-liners and worse stories.

Main story: Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell. Grade: C
Maverick: Scott Lobdell and Mark Texeira.  Grade: C-

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