MARVEL PREMIERE #47-48: 1st Ant-Man II (1979)

These issues are the first Scott Lang Ant-Man story, and his origin is pretty odd. He’s a petty burglar who breaks into Hank Pym’s house. Pym keeps his Ant-Man suit, along with the gas canisters full of shrink/grow gas, in a closet. Unlocked. Unsecure.


Anyway, Lang steals it and Pym admires his ingenuity so he lets him keep it.

What the fuck???

There are a million reasons why this is bizarre.

And on top of all that the suit is incredibly easy to use.

And then it’s on to his first adventure.

And yet it’s a still a solid tale, despite all this and the “aw shucks it’s okay to commit crime if you have a reason” plot involving Lang committing multiple felonies to save his daughter, who needs an operation.  That’s because the creative team is top notch.

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