Night Thrasher #2-5 (1993)

First, Night Thrasher does his best Daredevil imitation by threating to throw Turk Barrett off a building.  

We haven’t seen Turk in a long time, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen him outside the pages of Daredevil.  So this is at once a nice homage and a tacit admission that Night Thrasher, as a hero, isn’t very original.

He then teams up with Silhouette to take down a gang called the Concrete Dragons.  The fight takes them all the way to Madripoor, where they meet a human/aardvark named Aardwolf who is “more savvy than trump.”

That automatically gives this book a boost in the ratings.

They also fight two New Warriors teams: The Folding Circle and Air Force.

And I do like me some animal-themed supergroups.

Subplot: a tough guy named Bandit is stalking Night Thrasher, and beating up guys Night Thrasher has tangled with.

This isn’t bad, even if it’s a bit stale, and the large number of pencilers and inkers (Marvel doesn’t even bother to credit all the inkers, calling them the “Slick Six”) makes the art uneven which tonally makes the book feel like it was a rush job.  Counterbalancing that is the Trump reference, and other humorous elements.

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