Quasar #6-7 (1990): Acts of Vengeance; Terminus Event

Quasar fights Venom and Klaw, which should have been interesting since Quasar is basically Green Lantern and both baddies have Green Lantern adjacent kinds of skills (like making things out of sound or shapeshifting, etc.).

But Quasar beats them easy, then moves on to Living Laser….

…and even hooks up with Watcher and fights Red Ghost.

Then he and Captain Universe Spider-Man kick off the Terminus event by actually defeating Terminus. 

And then Terminus will go through five annuals beating up all kinds of heroes.

Yeah, a lot is crammed into these issues, which is kind of fun.  But at the same time, Quasar is able to beat a bunch of villains who have been formidable against all kinds of other heroes in the past—so he’s turning out to be one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.  And I’m not a big fan because, you know, Green Lantern is stupid.

All that, and a science lesson too.

Art: Paul Ryan (#6), Mike Manley (#7)


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