UNCANNY X-MEN #184 (1984): 1st Forge

This issue introduces the mutant machine maker Forge with these words…

“I’m Forge.”  In short-shorts. Why? He also wears horizontal stripes. And white tube socks.  Quite bold fashion choices.  We learn that he is a weapons supplier, and he’s selling a “Neutralizer” to Mystique.  He’s also built an “analyzer” to detect mutants.  It’s not clear whether these are based on ROM’s weapons that essentially do the same thing and have the same names, but I’m betting it is.  Especially given the Dire Wraith War spilling over into The Avengers and that the wraiths will eventually become regular X-foes, even after ROM is cancelled.

Forge is Native American, making him the third Indian super-mutant created by Chris Claremont, after Thunderbird and T2 (who works for Emma Frost as a Hellion).

He’s making devices for the government to use against mutants.  Valerie Cooper is involved.

The weapon is based on ROM’s neutralizer.

And check-ins with ongoing storlines: Selene apparently is immune to Rogue’s powers. Rachel Summers is in our timeline (we learned that in New Mutants #18), and in this issue she sees the X-Men on TV (fighting the dragon from last issue).

But while Rachel watches the mutants, Selene is stalking her.

She starts by killing those close to Rachel.

Selene attacks Rachel.

The X-Men come to her aid. 

(Selene is the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen, and she first appeared in New Mutants #9.).

Rogue tries to absorb her…

…And can’t. I guess that is what you call “vampire feedback”? The X-Men manage to force Selene back, and then Rachel finally meets the team, causing her some confusion…

She’s surprised that Professor X can walk. So are all of us, frankly.

I want to tell her not to worry about it because he walks/doesn’t walk at random points throughout his life.

…and faints.

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