X-MEN: HELLFIRE CLUB #1-4 (2000)

Charlie “The Walking Dead” Adlard draws this period piece about the secret origins of the Hellfire Club, rooted in 1860’s Salem and focusing on Reverend Hiram Shaw, ancestor of Sebastian, and his dealings with Dormammu.

The framing sequence involves reporter Irene Merryweather investigating the roots of the Hellfire Club, and has Tessa feeding her information but Sebastian Shaw trying (and failing) to squash the story.

As shown on the cover to #2 (above), Steven Rogers makes an appearance. The original Bloodstone does, too.

The art is really good. REALLY good. The story is also much better than what I usually expect from Ben Raab. But it looks like nobody ever picks up the threads from this story.

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  1. What is the significance of this above flashback-scene with the Old X-Men fighting the New X-Men-?? I mean, the REALLY Old X-Men, with the pre-simian Beast grappling with Colossus??? Any X-Men scholar can tell you that is a chronological impossibility! I like Storm’s leaner, sexier look up here, though. Less IS MORE!!!


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