CAPTAIN AMERICA #37-38 (2001)

Sharon Carter lets Captain America know that there is a war going on between AIM and Hydra, with Protocide serving as Hydra’s champion. SHIELD is trying to control it, so innocents don’t get hurt.

Although they fight at first, Captain America realizes that they were both super soldiers–and both can be heroes.

Cap saves Protocide’s life.

But in the end, Protocide betrays Cap and flings him into a molten pit at a Hydra site.

But of course Captain America isn’t dead. He stands on his shield to survive the fire below, and manages to escape. And then he busts through AIM’s soldiers, reaches Protocide, and flings him into a fiery abyss.

But of course, he’s not dead.

Solid action story, but the fact that both characters meet-and-survive very similar fates is a little lame and knocks it down a couple notches to “C”–an average story.

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