X-MEN #35 (1967)

The kids get back to searching for the Professor, and meet (and of course fight) Spider-Man.

The kidnapping of Professor X, which happened in #33, feels like a sideshow to the main event.  A spider-robot attacks X-mansion (sent by the Factor Three band that kidnapped Xavier), and Peter Parker is vacationing nearby so we get a Spider-Man/X-Men team-up.

Seriously, though, who vacations in Westchester? 

In the fight that happens before they talk like civilized people, Spidey literally kicks Beast’s ass.

Issue #35 also introduces Changeling–an extremely minor character. He’s part of Factor Three, and controlled the robot in the fight above.

Also, we see that Banshee is also looking for the good professor.

Terrible. Just terrible.

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  1. It’s not really all THAT bad. If you’re looking for a REALLY lousy ‘X-Men’ comic from the first run, look no further than issue #53, drawn by no less than a certain Mr. Barry Windsor-Smith, featuring ‘FF’ villain Blastaar. Now, THAT was the pits, immediately followed in the very next issue by the series’ arguably high-water period: The Neal Adams Era.


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