Marvel Two-In-One #11-12 (1975): Golem and The Most Exciting Team-Up of All!!!

This issue starts with Thing trying to go to Disneyland with Alicia, but he’s running late.  So, he literally hangs a cab-driver off a streetlight, smashes a gate, assaults numerous fellow travelers and a train-ticket-taker, and then grabs the train as it leaves the station causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage (see above).

This is high drama.  And it’s funny.  And it’s completely wanton.  And nobody seems all that upset about it.

The rest of the story explores the Jewish myth of the Golem, complete with a villain named Kaballa (who Thing refers to as “Cornballa”).  I’m sure it was intentional to pair the ancient Jewish tradition of Kaballah with the Golem.

There are some interesting character moments as Thing relates to the large, stone behemoth that is Golem, that makes this a better-than-normal issue. Fun, completely bonkers, and it ends with this exciting teaser:

We promised that next issue will be “the most exciting team-up of all!!!  The Thing and-Who??”  This is what we get:


The Iron Man issue is not as good. I’m grading #11 as a B, and giving a B to this post.

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