IRON FIST #15 (1977): Final Issue; feat X-Men

Byrne and Claremont end their run by featuring The X-Men. 

It’s fantastic.  Last issue, they introduced Sabretooth, and now he meets Wolverine.  And they have a solid fight. Based on Iron Fist trespassing in Misty’s apartment.

Wolverine is wearing the costume he stole from Fang in X-Men #108.  It looks an awful lot like Legion of Super Heroes member Timberwolf.

The rest of the X-Men join in the hunt for Iron Fist.

Colossus throws Wolverine into the fight with Iron Fist. It’s not called a fastball special yet, though.

And then it’s Iron Fist vs all of them–and is this a Superman reference?

Including Storm.

Who he humiliates.

The X-Men capture Fist.

But ultimately, the cooler head of Scott Summers realizes Iron Fist is a hero, not a villain.

He has the X-Men stand down.

Storm’s pride is what made her jump to conclusions. I like that this shows why Cyclops is the leader–he has more experience–and also shows that Storm has the humility to be a future leader.

The story doesn’t resolve all the loose ends.  Fist’s ongoing battle with Steel Serpent gets concluded, by Claremont, in Marvel Team Up #63-64.  The fate of his villain Bushman is continued in those issues and then is resolved in Power Man #48-49, which turns into Power Man and Iron Fist with issue #50.

Also: Wolverine is a loner.

So what’s he doin’ moonin’ over a lousy frail?  Claremont’s dialogue was fairly stilted at this time–early in his career.  Although this scene of Scott coming home is pretty funny:

Jean Cannot Not Abide Party Crashers (by John Byrne & Dan Green from Iron Fist #15, 1977)

There’s a cocktail party at the end, where John Byrne, Dave Cockrum and his wife Paty, along with Chris Claremont, talk about how hard it is to keep all the X-Men straight. You think it’s hard now? Just wait until the ’80s!

And here’s the final panels of this series:

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