NEW WARRIORS #40-42 (1993): The Starlost

Here’s the headline: Nova fights Firelord! But first…

He gets dissed by Speedball.

The New Warriors head off into space after Super Nova, who last appeared in Avengers #303, attacks Nova, which leads Air-Walker and Firelord to come to Earth to investigate the character’s reappearance.  Super Nova is able to drain Rich Ryder’s powers–a fear that is foreshadowed in the opening pages of this arc, which has the team fighting Asylum in a quick, unrelated battle.

Air-Walker, a Xandarian, knows how to get Nova back up to strength, and the group head off to space to try to capture and power-drain Super Nova.

By the way, Hindsight is around now, and he’s acting like he’s team leader.

The rest of the team isn’t happy about it (and look how stoned Speedball looks in the background)!

Hindsight has a motormouth.

There’s a lot of attempts to shut him up.

Anyway, they go off to space to save Xandar–from which Super Nova has stolen his power.

They hook up with the Shi-Ar imperial guard, have a big space battle, and of course defeat Super Nova and save the day.

Another home run–this books is a bright star in a mostly dim Marvel Universe.

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