1994’s annuals were told from the criminal’s perspective, and this one pits Scarecrow against Ghost Rider–and it’s written by Warren Ellis.


I could do without the backstory of Ebenezer being abused by his mom (I don’t need to have sympathy for a maniac like this), but it’s done well. Of course it is. It’s Ellis.

The story is very gruesome.

Scarecrow gets Ghost Rider’s attention by mutilating innocent people. In return, Ghost Rider breaks every single bone in Scarecrow’s body so that he cannot move at all.

Yes, it’s way more violent than a Marvel book should be. But I liked it and grade it out as a C+.

Vengeance gets a back-up story that isn’t worth writing about. I mean, it stars Vengeance so…Do I even need to say that? Then Johnny Blaze reconnects with his ex-GF Witch Woman. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good, either. Both the back-ups are C- tales.

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