Captain America #291 (1984)

It’s painful to see a John Byrne Captain America cover.  It just reminds us all of how short his wonderful run with Roger Stern was, and what could have been if they’d been allowed to continue.

This fill-in issue involves the son of the original Tumbler, who was KIA a long time ago, and his effort to collect death insurance from a corrupt company that insures supers.  I don’t see how a clause that pays out if the decedent was engaged in a criminal act would EVER be enforced, but I guess that’s how insurance is in the Marvel U.

Cap helps him sort it all out.

Very strange story, but it works.

Checking in with the cutest couple in the history of Marvel, Bernie gets super powers and becomes a villain.

I want to marry Bernie. But Steve is too stupid to realize how good he’s got it.

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