I don’t know if this book is canon, but I do know that it’s beautiful. Lee Weeks wrote and drew this miniseries, which takes place right after Captain Stacy–Gwen’s dad–was killed by Doctor Octopus in Amazing Spider-Man #88-90.

It looks at the effects of the death on the extended and core Lee/Romita era cast–Harry Osborn, Gwen, Peter Parker, and including Doc Ock.

Spider-Man is being blamed and needing to clear his name–and Peter is neglecting Gwen because he is exhausted by the constant attacks from the press when all he wants to do is help.

Note how Harry is sniffing a lot–this is soon before his drug addiction is revealed.

Gwen is also standoffish.

Isolation is a big part of grief–this is well-done and insightful storytelling.

Of course it ends with Spidey rededicating himself to justice.

There’s nothing particularly new or “retconny” here. It’s a just a loving tribute to one of the best-remembered Spider-Man stories of all time from a creator who would go on to become a legend in the industry.

Worth reading? Absolutely.

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