TALES OF SUSPENSE #41 (1963): 1st Doctor Strange (not!)

Let’s not forget: Tony Stark’s business is lethality.  This aspect of his personality, in these issues, never seems to pose a conflict with the fact that he never kills in his armored identity.

He kills people for a living but is nice to orphans.

And wears his armor under his tux.

Yeah, that can’t possibly work–especially in the bulky armor of these early issues.

But his armor is also his curse…

Anyway, in this issue, Iron Man meets Doctor Strange…

But it’s not Stephen Strange.  It’s Dr. Carlo Strange.  No relation to Stephen, who comes along in the pages of Strange Tales, a few months later.  Although interestingly enough, he does don a costume…

…That looks more than a little like the costume of Dr. Strange.

Strange is the first person to commandeer Iron Man’s armor, operating him by remote control. 

Oh, and he loves his daughter–and yet Iron Man breaks free, with Strange’s daughter’s help.

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