WEST COAST AVENGERS #26-29 (1987-1988): Zodiac gang dies

A bunch of Zodiac Life Model Decoys kill all the human Zodiac gang members and take over, but Taurus escapes and asks The West Coast Avengers to protect him.

So the LMDs come for the WCA team.

Even Hawkeye gets LMD-ed.

The WCA take three issues to blow up all the LMD Zodiacs.  They really aren’t very good at their jobs.

See what I mean? I mean, yeah, that’s funny but it doesn’t make Hawkeye appear competent.

Also, Mockingbird calls Nick Fury for help and we learn that he smokes cigars in the shower.

And hates computers.  That’s dumb.  He’s the top spy in the world—he has to like computers.


Moon Knight hasn’t even been working with the team for a full adventure and Tigra’s already hooked up with him.  It’s pretty uncharacteristic of MK, who has in the history of his appearances only been with one woman.  And this will definitely not be the last time I complain about Moon Knight in this book.  Tigra is still the team slut, trying to sleep with every member.  And all the mystery and interesting aspects of Moon Knight are completely ignored—he’s just some dude saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.”  Ugh.

In issue #29, we get more on the role of Moon Knight. After stopping the LMD Zodiac Gang, Taurus is the only gang member still alive. He believes the West Coasters are dead, and he’s looking to form a new gang.  He tries to recruit Shroud, who is not interested (he’s actually already a part of Night Shift). 

And then Moon Knight shows up, Taurus bolts, and we get a nice action sequence of Moon Knight chasing him down until Taurus (accidentally) dies in a plane crash. Hawkeye scolds Moon Knight for allowing Taurus to die.


Then, at the very end, we see that Phantom Rider (who tried to rape Mockingbird, who killed him in self defense) is still alive, and observing the team. Or is it his descendent, Night Rider?

More on that next issue.

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