Marc Spector: Moon Knight #22-24 (1991): 1st Chainsaw; Chuck Dixon’s Run Ends

Moon Knight has been fighting the evil “Secret Empire” (such a generic name). He’s looking for Midnight, his little buddy sidekick, who they have kidnapped.

So Moon Knight’s team infiltrates the white hate group.

And then Moon Knight attacks.

Marlene fell into a trap.

And we meet Chainsaw.

He rides a motorcycle and cuts people up with a chainsaw, and leads a white supremacist gang called Praetorian Brotherhood. 

And gets beat by Moon Knight.

Turns out, Midnight was brainwashed and made evil by them—he’s basically turned into the Moon Knight version of Bucky/Winter Soldier. 

A bunch of other stuff happens with the Secret Empire, but there are so many evil groups with that name that I simply refuse to get into the details.  Dixon’s run ends with Midnight as a villain and Moon Knight having cleared his name from the “Trial of Marc Spector” arc.

I like Chuck Dixon as a writer, but in appropriate doses.  Having him write Moon Knight and Punisher all overlapping is just too much of the super-macho, guns-and-ninjas stuff. Not a terrible series, but not a great one.

And just for kicks: A water tower reference. By this time, 1991, we didn’t see these nearly as much as we did during the Frank Miller era.

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