An entire Rigellian space colony is murdered, with Jack Of Hearts being the sole survivor. Quasar finds him and assembles an eclectic Avengers team to help investigate. For a space adventure, Thor, Eros, Moondragon and Photon make sense. But…Tigra?

The killers are a group of robots called Infinites who destroy planets layer by layer until they get to the hot magma inside. The Infinites are led by this guy:

He’s a giant. Why are they using a new planet eater instead of Galactus?

I dunno.

But it turns out, there’s an even BIGGER dude, too. So Quasar summons Eternity to wrestle with him. Eventually, the heroes debate the really big dude–who is trying to rearrange galaxies to help with the overall feng shui. Or some crap like that.

Look, “big” Cosmic stories are really, really hard to pull off when your name isn’t Jim Starlin. This one just didn’t work great for me. Given the script by Roger Stern, it wasn’t terrible–but it lacked tension.

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