Daredevil #269 (1989): vs Freedom Force

Spiral sends fellow Freedom Force members Pyro and Blob to a small town to take down a 17-year-old girl mutant.  

They prove themselves to be complete a-holes, leering (and worse) at every woman in town—including the young mutant.

They end up in a bar, literally getting booze goggles.


Daredevil is in the bar, too, because he’s hanging out in bars a lot these days.

He gets them drunk, then kicks their asses.

People forget Ann Nocenti can be funny.

After defeating Pyro…


…He takes down Blob with a church bell.

In the end, the girl is protected and Blob and Pyro leave empty handed.  We never see her again, which is too bad—this would have been a cool way to introduce a character.

Anyway, another terrific issue by this creative team!

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