MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #147 (1994): The Bird Issue

Falcon has a new costume and a street-level adventure protecting a kid, and he wears a trench coat disguise.

I’m sure there’s some nepotism here–the story was created by Mariano Nicieza and Steve Lieber.  Grade: C-.

Then, in another bird-on-the-street story, American Eagle fights drug dealers.  He’s supposed to be a badass, but he just looks so darn dumb.

The art is atrocious.  Has Ron Wilson ever seen a human back?  No matter how developed you are, you don’t look like you’re covered in tumors.  Wilson is capable of much better than this. It’s hard to believe this is really his work. Written by John Figuroa.  Grade: D.

And finally, Len Kaminski and David Cullen wrote a story about a group called The Masters of Silence who have appeared in issues of Iron Man but, really, who cares?  Grade: F.

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