Wolverine #170-172 (2002): Stay Alive

Mauvais, Bloodscream and Vermin attack a reality show called, “Stay Alive.”  Seriously.  That’s the plot here.

The game is in the arctic cold, so Mauvais uses the location as an opportunity to attack the old North Canadian Great Beast Gods who did him dirty in the past.

Logan rides in on a snowmobile to save the day, fighting along site Wendigo and the other Great Beasts.  For this series’ ‘Nuff Said entry, issue #171 is just one long, boring fight.  Wolverine seems to be losing, but Alpha Flight shows up.  When they do, Wolverine goes into a very long explanation of the prior two issues, which retroactively makes #171 full of words.  And boring words at that.

Mauvais manages to take on a Wendigo-ish form, accessing the Gods’ powers, but then in a literal deus ex machina they show up and finally put an end to all this.

Meanwhile, Omega Red is doing bad things in Brooklyn on behalf of the Russian mafia as Sabretooth watches in a spy shack.  See what I did there?  Spy shack is from Survivor and “Stay Alive” is based on that same show.  I’m brilliant.  These issues are not.  Anyway, Sabretooth then goes to spy on Lady Deathstrike.  Yawn.

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