X-Men #9 (1965): vs The Avengers!


The first of many AvX stories started with Professor X on a solo mission to the center of the Earth to hunt down Lucifer, equipped only with a special wheelchair with tank treads…

…and quickly escalated to the X-Men fighting The Avengers because the Avengers wanted to help out.

But before the battle, The Avengers clear the area.

I like that they take the time to do that. Those kinds of details are one thing I really like about early Marvel.

We don’t know this yet, but Lucifer is actually an alien who caused Professor X to lose the ability to walk.

But we do know Lucifer dresses like Magneto.

X beats Lucifer in the end, of course.  Once again, his mind abilities solve the problem–and that’s something he could have done from the get-go.

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