CABLE #97-100 (2001): Shining Path

Here’s the good news: We have a new creative team for this series. It’s David Tischman, who writes this (and only this, I think) for Marvel, and Igor Kordey, who goes on to do quite a few jobs for Marvel. I like his style. I also like the covers for this arc.

I also liked this scene of Cable meditating upside down…

The whole Askani myth is generally annoying and nonsensical, but it works here.

For the story proper, Cable fights an anti-Communist insurrection group called Shining Path in Lima, Peru. Cable is basically like The A-Team now, wandering the Earth looking for problems to solve.

Issue #100 is the ‘Nuff Said Event tie-in, and it has a back-up story that’s also about meditation, with Cable symbolically fighting with his own nonbiological body parts.

There’s nothing all that unique about the main story of this arc, but there are little details that are nice, and the art, again, is pretty non-traditional and interesting. It’s interesting that for the “important” issue #100, it’s just a regular-sized chapter in an arc about a group we’ll never see again.

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