Last issue, Nebula managed to wrest the Gauntlet from Thanos. Now, with infinity power, she tries to see if she can make her adopted father feel remorse.

Instead, he offers to take the power back from her because, he says, she doesn’t have the vision needed to wield it well.

As quickly as Thanos killed them, his granddaughter Nebula resurrects half the universe using the power of the stolen gauntlet. 

But she’s not as skilled with it, he’s right. Her clumsy use of the Gauntlet causes her, inadvertently, to kill herself.

Only no. She can still will herself back to life. Still, cool sequence.

The rest of the universe’s cosmic characters realize Thanos doesn’t have the weapon, and they converge on Nebula.

Warlock is able to force her to drop it.  So, naturally, everyone leaps for it. 


What a great panel.


Warlock comes out of the pile sporting the one-glove look long before Michael Jackson thought of it.


In the end, Thanos retires to become a farmer.  And Warlock lets him!  Very strange ending.  Even the typically wise-ass Pip is shocked.  But then, Adam Warlock always was a strange dude with a unique sense of right and wrong. Speaking of which…

…He uses the gauntlet to become the guardian of the universe.

And so ends the famous Infinity Gauntlet series, one of the best Thanos stories ever and some of Jim Starlin’s greatest work.  Infinity Gauntlet is one of the Top 10 Jim Starlin series  ever.

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