FANTASTIC FOUR #17-18 (1999)

The villains of this story are called Lockdown, Rosetta Stone, and The Twisted Sisters. You really don’t need to know anything else about these issues.

The team gets into conflict on a planet that is a giant virtual reality game.

Lockdown talks a lot.

Meanwhile, Sue is getting mutated by an Inhuman parasite.

I find it really hard to believe that this is written by the same guy who created so many brilliant X-Men stories. I wish this run would end.

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  1. By 1999, Chris Claremont had “hit the wall”, creatively speaking, at Marvel, which is why he was taken off the ‘X-Men’ assignments. He was eventually allowed to return to them, after having been allowed some time to replenish his creative juices. But, by the late Eighties, ‘The Uncanny X-Men’ had become so feminized, that it was difficult to read, which is when I took MY little vacation from it. I’m all about hot, beautiful, interesting, smart, educated female characters, from Marvel Girl all the way through to Moira MacTaggert and Dr. Valerie Cooper, but WHY does every last single blasted female character that Claremont writes HAVE to be some kind of a prototypical, “Woman of the Future Rhoades Scholar”-type-???? I would dare say that these type of women do NOT make up the majority of women on this planet!! Marvel is so into “representation” these days, well, how about a female character who is NOT a PH.D of some sort, and is NOT adverse to men, marriage, and family! This hypothetical character would not necessarily have to go the “Joe Danvers” route, i.e., “I can’t send you ( Carol ) to college, baby, because you have several in-bred brothers all around you, none of whom can spell their own names, but they are men, so they need to go to college, and you’re a pretty girl, so some lucky coal-miner is going to come along and just snap you up!!!” It doesn’t have to be THAT severe. ( I wonder whatever DID happen to all of Carol Danver’s brothers-??? I don’t think they’ve ever been revisited-??? Carol apparently doesn’t miss them, or even think about them! Not that I would blame her ) But, yeah, it’s weird to see a grade of “D” assigned to a tale with Claremont’s byline on it, but, I totally agree with it, here!


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