INCREDIBLE HULK #454-457 (1997): Adam Kubert; Apocalypse story

Look! It’s Hulk vs Wolverine again! And Adam Kubert is now the series artist!

Peter David’s run on Hulk was fantastic, and I love that Marvel kept giving him top-quality artists to work with, and that each was so different from the one before. It helped keep a very long run fresh.

Wolverine and Ka-Zar find Hulk in the Savage Land, where he’s now a tribe leader. After his last fight with the army, a T-Rex busted out of Savage Land and pulled Hulk back down with him.

We all know Hulk likes to eat stuff (see the “Hulk Eating” tag, below), but this is the first time we’ve seen him eat a T-Rex heart…

Ka-Zar and Wolverine take on Hulk for plot-driven reasons not worth mentioning. What IS worth mentioning is that Wolverine doesn’t have adamantium claws anymore so this rematch is…Quite unbalanced.

Their fight is hilarious and fun, but at the end of the issue, Hulk passes out.


Despite their fight, Logan takes Hulk to X-Mansion for medical care. Of course, Hulk wakes up and goes nuts, busting through the Mansion’s walls. The team fights to subdue him until…

Apocalypse shows up. Because of this guy…

Meanwhile, Rick Jones and Janis meet up with Absorbing Man, who tells them that Apocalypse now has Hulk. Using a plane chartered by Ozymandias, Crusher Creel takes them to Egypt, where Hulk has been transformed into Apocalypse’s Horseman, War.

When they arrive, Rick appeals to the Bruce side but Bruce has been gone since Onslaught.

Ozy has a bunch of soldiers lined up to fight Apocalypse. Another one is Juggernaut.

They fight for most of issue #457. It’s great.

Hulk wins, but when he does Absorbing Man attacks, with Janis and Rick. Hulk stabs Creel–nearly killing him–but Janis shocks him before he finishes the job.

Seeing Rick, Hulk regains his senses and sheds the War armor.

This was apparently all so that Apocalypse could test his new technology, and apparently he’s happy with the results even though Hulk was able to shake off its influence.

Also across these issues: Betty learns that her father General Ross is still alive, and his status was kept secret from her because Hulk’s her husband now. Ross is still interested in stopping Hulk, but says now he wants to do it to ensure that she gets her happily ever after with her husband.

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